RG300047 Pipe Bevel System Exact 220E

DWT RG300047 gid: 788 BRAND: DWT USD 4463.00

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Pipe (OD) 25mm - 220mm (0.98" - 8.6") Pipe wall thickness 10mm (0.39") st. Cuts the following materials Steel, stainless steel, aluminium Professional pipe chamfering machine for on-site welding applications Continuous good results for chamfering pipes on the construction site With the Exact PipeBevel 220E you can easily and quickly produce accurate bevels in different pipe materials. The machine's user interface is similar to exact pipe saws, where it is easy for the operator to adapt the pipe to any Exact pipe saw after cutting. The cutting head of the anfas machine has 3 cutting tips, each of which has 4 cutting edges, which can be turned on as soon as they become blunt, resulting in economical use. The cutting heads are available with the most commonly used bevel angles (30°, 37.5° and 45°). It is also possible to create different "tailor-made" bevel angles, if necessary. The additional stop function allows the operator to create similar additional bevels with the same pipe outer dimension. Voltage / Powerr / Current 220-240 V / 1400W / 6.1 A Speed unloaded 7000 - 10500 rpm Blade holder diameter 48 mm (1.89") Different bevel angles 30° | 37.5° | 35W weight 6.7kg (14.8 lbs) scope 25mm - 220mm (0.98" - 8.6") Max pipe wall thickness 10mm (0.39") st.