Terms of Business

  1. Prices

    We offer goods for sale through:Our prices may change and printed material such as catalogues or advertisements will always show our best prices at the time of printing. During the period the catalogue is valid, we may offer things at a lower price. This could be a special offer or just an everyday price cut. Our website will always show one price, the lowest price we have. If you order from a catalogue which quotes a higher price, we will process your order at the lower price. We will always use the lowest price we are quoting at the time that your order is processed and this will never be more than the valid prices published in our catalogue.
  2. Payment

    We offer all our goods on cash-on-delivery(COD). This means you must pay us when the goods has been delivered. Our branches also accept cash.

  3. Delivery

    We will deliver your order to any address in Iraq. For standard delivery, we use a national carrier and in most cases you will receive your goods on the next working day or sometimes it may take several days depending on your area. If you live in a remote area or the carrier finds your address more difficult to find, your delivery may take a little longer. Whether these options are available will depend on where you are and, in some cases, the time of day. We will confirm this with you at the time you place your order.

     Please that every order comes with shipping charges depending on your country/area.

  4. Receiving orders

    Unless we have your written authorisation, we will always need an authorised signature when delivering goods to you.
  5. Availability

    We aim to keep enough stock so that we never run out. However, at times when there is unexpectedly high demand, we may unfortunately run out. If this happens, we may delay sending out your order for a couple of days while we get new stock. If you have chosen a premium delivery option, or we are expecting a longer delay, we will use the information you have given with your order to let you know about our progress. You may contact us at any time to check on the progress of your order.
  6. Cancellation

    You can cancel your order at any time. Due to our fast delivery service, as soon as your order is placed we will start to fulfil. If we have not already sent the goods out, we will cancel your order immediately.